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Patient Survey Results 2015

Survey Results


In January 2015, NHS England launched ‘The Friends and Family Test’; with the key question of; ‘Did you get great care today?’

This patient survey included the following 5 key areas; (see appendix 1)

1)   Would you Recommend this surgery to friends and family

2)   Were you Involved enough in decisions made about your care and treatment?

3)   Was the surgery Clean?

4)   Were the receptionist Staff helpful?

5)   Is it easy to get an Appointment (either by phone and/or at the surgery)?

The scoring options were for recommending the surgery were;

  • Extremely likely
  • Likely
  • Neither Likely or unlikely
  • Unlikely
  • Extremely Unlikely
  • Don’t know

The remaining 4 areas were scored as; 1 being ‘Not at all’ and 5 being ‘Totally’


The survey was promoted in the surgery, in the form of posters and a collection (postal box) was set up in the waiting room for patients to submit their completed forms.  We also included an ‘on line’ version on the practice

We also signed up with the organisation, ‘’. On the first of every month, we empty the postal box in the waiting room and send all responses, in the post to ‘I Want Great Care’(iWGC). iWGC collate and process the patients completed forms and upload the results to their website

The practice is able to view patient’s responses’ including comments. In addition, there is the option for us to respond to individual patients. So far we have responded to all the submissions, offering our apologies where necessary. In the event of any patient dissatisfied with our services, we offer them the opportunity to contact the Practice Manager, to address further. So far no one has taken up this offer. The results and responses are in the public domain.

Each month the number of responses and the recommendation results are uploaded to our monthly claims and reporting website, ‘Calculating Quality Reporting Service’ (CQRS).


Up to 1 July 2015, we have received a total of 44 responses. 


Of the 44 responses, (see appendix 2) 33 have also provided a comment (see appendix 3). Thirteen patients did not complete all 5 areas, identified as an ‘X’ in appendix 2.

So far the responses equate to a maximum number of 220 points for each area, (1,100 overall). Therefore, the results for the period January and July 2015 are;

Recommend: 203
Involvement: 184
Cleanliness: 216
Staff: 203
Appointments: 165
Overall Total: 961


The practice team will now need to be made aware of the results. The report will also be available in the Staff Room. This report will be added to the next Team Meeting agenda, schedule for 8 September 2015. The lowest points achieved were in the ‘Appointments’ section.

In view of the disappointing short fall in responses, we will now hand these out at Reception, and provide a supply of forms for each GP, to hand out to patients. This interim report will be available on the practice website.

Our final report will be completed in January 2016. This will be uploaded to the practice website.

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